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Welcome Back :)

Time really does fly. For some, it speeds off a lot faster than it does for others.

Things are left forgotten. Memories are locked up deep within the inner recesses of our hippocampus, never to be thought of again.

I was supposed to make an entry that would focus on:  The Best of 2008. I already placed the first bullet when it took me more than 15 minutes to realize that I couldn't remember anything from last year. Nothing worth remembering, at least.

I feel like my memory has the stamina of a 90 year-old; only remembering  random information that never comes in handy but always forgetting the ones that do.

Christmas and New Year


Something pretty bad happened on Christmas Eve. I can't really say that I was surprised to be that unlucky. I suppose I was just hoping against hope for things to be okay.
My ate and I spent the Holidays in Ortigas with our mom. We didn't do anything special. We just made macaroni salad and fruit salad and spent most of the evening watching Chuck and Gossip Girl.
Needless to say, Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas. There were too many disappointing things that happened which basically sucked all the happiness away.
I miss what Christmas used to be like for our family. This year is definitely the worst we've had so far.

New Year

It was my first time to drive all the way to Tagaytay all by myself. I left the house at 8 o'clock, getting only 2 hours of sleep as a result of procrastination and a splitting headache I got from a party I attended the night before. I had to drop by Ortigas to say goodbye to my mom first. From there, I had to go back to Makati which is where the Skyway was. At this point I was already feeling pretty tired. To make matters worse, an MAPSA man asked me to pull over because I was apparently going the wrong way on a One Way steet. Great. Fun. So like all the other responsible Filipino motorists around, I just gave the man some money and I was once again on my way to Tagaytay.
I had the radio on full blast since I was scared that I might get sleepy. There was some traffic in the Alabang area so it was already 1PM by the time I arrived in Tagaytay.
The four days I spent there were pretty uneventful. I did have fun going to the different Ukay-Ukays around town though. I think my lola was grateful to have me around since we got a lot of the errands done. Being the designated driver for the week wasn't fun, but I admit that I was happy to help.
New Year wasn't as special as it used to be. Mr. Yap (one of the rich Chinese men in our village) didn't buy too many fireworks and the rainy weather made things really gloomy. It felt just like Christmas. I was missing my sister and my mom and although it's weird for me to admit, I was even missing my Dad and Step Mom.


We left Tagaytay at 7AM and got home at around 9. I'm really grateful to be back :) I can finally get to rest before classes start again on Monday. I now officially have only 2 days left to make the most of what's left of vacation. Fun.
Some Pictures

oh the joy of bracelessness!

Forgive the bad writing. Boredom plus the flu equals brain rot ;)

Four years.
I had metal mouth for four friggin years!!
.....and I loved every minute of it :)

I am now officially braceless :) And yes, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself right now. Here's to a cleaveless but dazzle filled new year!
To read a detailed (and somewhat crazy) description of the whole process

click here!Collapse )


Christmas Break. :)

I don't even have enough energy to break into song. The day after school's official last day, my body just gave out on me.
So, I am currently trying to concentrate on breathing through my mouth without looking like an absolute fish each time I have to inhale. Nice.
It sucks to be sick. But yeah, I'm pretty grateful. At least my immune system was nice enough to wait until classes were over before it finally decided to give in to all the stress and the germs that I was exposed to during Caroling.
Anyway, the first half of this sem was all worth it and I'm just glad that it's over and done with.
Other than that though, I don't really feel like there's a lot to be thankful for.  I have work to do over the Holidays, which sucks. At least I'm sure that my braincells won't die on me over the next week. :|

To do list:
1. SA Term Paper
2. ACFJ Website
3. Comm Dept. Website
4. ACOMM Website
5. ((amp)) Recital
6. ((amp)) Soloists Night
7. History Report and Play

Oh joy :| Merry Christmas, indeed.




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